The Five Advantages of Using Your Local Pharmacy

If you haven’t noticed, there are big-box pharmacies on just about every city block across America. Although this offers convenience, it may not be serving you with the kind of customer service that your locally owned Pharmacy can deliver. 

So why should you consider trying out your locally owned community pharmacy?

We have listed the Top 5  reasons that you should give your local pharmacy a just might be pleasantly surprised.

 1) A Pharmacist You Know and Trust

At independent pharmacies, you’ll have a better chance of getting to know the pharmacist and the pharmacist getting to know you. They will have more time to greet you by name, learn about your medical history, and answer your questions. All of this can equate to less chance of an error occurring. 

 2) Unique and Specialty Products

Even though your local pharmacy may not be as large or carry as many products they have more flexibility to carry unique product lines. Even supporting some fellow local companies that promote community and wellness. They have the advantage of being able to know and listen to the customers to carry products that be of value to them.


 3) Supporting Your Community

Small business is the backbone of our country. Local pharmacies are invested in the success of the city in which they are in. Building strong community relationships with their Chamber of Commerce and city members. They themselves are committed to excellence in customer service and delivering a quality product. 

4) Providing Options and Ease

Local pharmacies may have services like local delivery and easy refill options that the large box pharmacies just cannot accommodate. Getting your medications faster due to not waiting in line behind 20 other people can save hours of your precious time. 

5) Save You Money

Your local pharmacist is dedicated to finding you the very best pricing on your medication, thus saving you $$ on your prescription medication. They can even be more flexible when it comes to your deductible. When your pharmacist knows you, they can be on the lookout for better deals than the big box pharmacies. This could put more money back in your pocket.

At Santee Community Pharmacy, we are dedicated to your health and wellness. We take pride in the fact that we know many of our customers by name. We still have time to greet you with a warm smile and we care that you’ve chosen to spend your hard-earned dollars with us. 

We work for our customers, trying to get the best deals on your prescription medications so you that every effort has been made to save you money. Our customers are not just clients, they’re family! 

We hope to see you soon. 


9836 North Magnolia Avenue, Santee CA, 92071


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